The Health Resiliency Stress Questionnaire© (HRSQ) provides a quick overview of a person’s ability to tolerate and cope with stress, which is known to significantly affect their health. This tool was designed for busy primary care health clinics and is also valued by therapists, treatment centers, medical specialists, naturopaths, and other providers. The HRSQ identifies and quantifies resiliency skills (strengths), tolerance to stress, expanded Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other experiences of trauma and/or violence. We know that such toxic stresses are highly associated with pro-inflammatory illnesses, which makes the HRSQ a very important tool for any practice. The HRSQ is an efficient (4-5 min), self-administered tool that can be completed in a waiting room, exam room, or at home. It can be used repeatedly to monitor improvement, in response to healing from the effects of ACEs and other toxic experiences. The future goal is to assist providers with treatment recommendations by stratifying which person may need what treatment recommendations with regard to the effects of trauma. Providers can register for the e-HRSQ and will receive and automated email with full description of their patient/client’s responses. The data entered will be pooled and used to study the utility of this instrument. The data set and email responses are HIPPA compliant: only the numerical answer-scores, race, gender, and zip code are recorded, and none are required (all optional). This is an IRB-approved study.


HRSQ-Provider Registration: Provider Registration-HRSQ

  • Register on the Provider Registration-HRSQ database (30 seconds)
  • Provide each patient/client with a code that is internal to the clinic (e.g., Clt#1 or Dr.S’s#2, chocolate3, etc.).
  • Provider receives automated results by email; then provider/staff match the clinic-generated code present on the upper left corner of the HRSQ result to the correct chart 

Provider Registration

HRSQ Versions:


Scoring and Suggestions

Click here for details on how to score the pdf versions. This same information will be attached to the e-HRSQ result that is sent to the provider's designated email.

Scoring and Suggestions

HRSQ informed consent (simplified) for patients/clients

 Feel free to use our simplified patient/client informed consent (simplified) to introduce your client/patient to the HRSQ. 

ACEsConnection Blog Article on HRSQ

If you would like to learn more about the history and development of the HRSQ, click the button below. You will see how this instrument is the result of a truly collaborative effort and without funding. 

ACEs Connection Article: HRSQ